A Ghost Town

A Ghost Town
I like abandoned spaces.  The past continues to live in these forsaken, ruined, or empty spaces and I ask—Who were the people who lived and worked here? What were their lives like? What were their stories? What happened to them in these spaces?
Western Australia, 2020.
Kookyni is a ghost town in the Golden Fields of Western Australia. Like dozens of other cities, it emerged at the height of the gold rush in the 1900s. In one night, shops, a school, a hospital, hotels, a hippodrome, a brewery, a swimming pool, banks, churches sprang up on the "golden" site ... 400 buildings and 2,500 people arose out of nowhere, and when gold mining drowned in the groundwater of adits, the city disappeared into nowhere. Today Kookyni is home to 13 people.
This is a photo series about alive but dead space. About the abandoned city, descended from the pages of the stories of Alfred Hitchcock.