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Uzbekistan, 2017-2018
They are called “people of the world”, “cosmopolitans”. They move from one country to the next and embrace different cultures. They live in rented houses and often do not possess a house of their own. They keep boxes in anticipation of a new move. Their life is an international batter with an unexpected combination of events, people and things.
Participants of the project are expats: foreign specialists moving from one country to another for work, and expat husbands and wives following their spouses.
The project has two parts: adaptation and move. While some are adjusting to their new space and emerge into a new culture, others are packing things and bidding farewell to a place they have been settled in.
Uzbekistan became a point of intersection for expats from Russia, Japan, China, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Africa, and Iceland. Participants share their unique experiences and talk about what it means to be a “citizen of the world”.