Rus Eng

A documentary photographer and journalist from Russia. Based in Australia.

Graduated from Tomsk State University, Department of Journalism.

Studied at DocDocDoc, a documentary photography school in St. Petersburg.

Iulia’s works have been published in Russian and international publications: Tomskaya Nedelya, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Versty, Svobodniy Sakhalin, Ogonyok, Zapovednik, Edge of Humanity, Dodho Photography Magazine, Uzbekistan Airways,,, Alternatives Journal, Bird in Flight, Regnum.

She is always taking part in individual and group exhibitions.

Iulia’s special interest is documenting the story of spaces. Spaces absorb events and moods, while a person becomes their part. A person “enters spaces” as if he or she enters somebody’s house. While talking to the place, he or she supplements the space or receives impulses from its environment.