Rus Eng

A documentary photographer, a journalist from Russia. Currently resides in Australia.

In 2003, Iulia graduated from Tomsk State University, Department of Journalism.

During 2016-2017, Iulia studied at DocDocDoc, a documentary photography school in St. Petersburg.

Iulia’s special interest is documenting the history of spaces. Spaces absorb events and moods, while a person becomes their part. A person “enters spaces” as if he or she enters somebody’s house. While talking to the place, he or she supplements the space or receives impulses from its environment.

In her series Rooted in the Past, Iulia talks about sacred sites of Uzbekistan hosting 1000-year-old sycamore trees. People set up shops, museums and schools in the hollows of these trees.  When you touch their trunks, you lose your sense of time.

An Hour Before series is about “temporarily empty” crowded beaches of Turkey and Thailand. In spaces where the multilingual buzz is all around, morning stillness is precious. Acoustic sterility allows listening to thy self.

The domain of Hugs narrows down the space of different continents to one room. It plays music from the early last century and people speak the same language with their bodies.

Migratory People series personalizes the concept of cosmopolitanism, of space without borders. Participants are documented during their moves – on the line between what’s customary and the unknown.

Since 2018, Iulia has been documenting life around the dried-up Aral Sea. The full sea turned into a lifeless desert. The wounded space set an ultimatum to the fishing villages.

Iulia’s works have been published in Russian and international publications: Tomskaya Nedelya, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Versty, Svobodniy Sakhalin, Ogonyok, Zapovednik, Edge of Humanity, Dodho Photography Magazine, Uzbekistan Airways,,, Alternatives Journal, Bird in Flight.

She is always taking part in individual and group exhibitions.